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How OtsAV TV Can Make Your Broadcasting Easier...

If you haven't already downloaded OtsAV TV 30-Day Trial, please do! You won't regret it!

TV Broadcasters / Webcasters

Rely on stable proven software which outputs a professional-grade video production with Ots Labs TrueSmooth TechnologyTM. Smooth video with a full field/frame rate at 50Hz (PAL) and 59.94Hz (NTSC) - all motion updates are displayed. Output in 4:3 or 16:9 aspect ratios.

Integrated ARCing always maintains correct aspect ratio, regardless of source aspect ratio. Embellishments for black-bar areas fill the screen as required.

Benefit from frame-interpolation to keep video looking truly smooth, even while playing a different framerate source than your output rate. High quality per-pixel motion-adaptive deinterlacing keeps image quality at optimum, and progressive PAL/NTSC sources will weave for even better image resolution. 3-2 pulldown content is reversed to the original 24 motion picture frames and is frame-interpolated during playback for incredibly smooth results.

Benefit from the professional Ots file format which allows the overriding and setting of many areas of the video media, including aspect ratio and zoom, titling disable, titling presentation point, embellishment disable, framerate, deinterlacing, first/last frame trim point and AV sync. Audio settings can also be edited for fade-mix-point information and even auto beat mixing information!

Professional animated "Video-Show" titling built-in for music video clip productions. Use the smooth-scrolling ticker for announcements.

OtsAV Scheduling & Logging can keep your broadcast going 24/7 unassisted if desired.

Start using the power of OtsAV TV. See our buy page and purchase your license now.

"[OtsAV] is the best radio broadcast program I've found. Best features are AGC, Compressor, & Limiter. Other programs either don't work, work poorly, are nearly impossible to use, etc. I really appreciate the automatic cross-fade feature which seems to load the next tune a few secs. before the current tune finishes, allowing a smooth cross-fade in RAM. The Cross-Fade feature also seems to have a good "brain" so it does not fade out a vocal which goes to the end of the current tune. Fantastic!"

-- Imre A. Csaszar, President, Imre Designs Inc., Kamuela, Hawaii, USA

"I am in such shock right now that you have developed such a smooth, well thought out product. I played with it, and played with it, and listened, and listened some more. Smooth sounds are the only two words for it. You should be very proud of such an accomplishment. I really don't mean to inflate your ego......but WOW!"

-- Rick Poole, President, Advanced Venue Resources & Power Station Entertainment, Seattle, Washington, USA

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Download OtsAV TV 30-Day Trial now! Download OtsAV TV 30-Day Trial

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