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Ots Labs receives hundreds of emails each week from excited people who have recently or otherwise discovered OtsAV. Some of these have been published here. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has provided valuable support, praise, constructive comments, etc. Without you, there would be no OtsAV.

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All comments posted here are done so with permission from the author. Ots Labs does not post comments which are fictitious or without the author's consent. Where the author has provided a website URL, their name will link to that page.

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Note: [OtsAV] is used to replace references to the former name of the OtsAV product.

"OtsAV TV Broadcaster is an amazing package of playout software:- My background comes from having worked many years in TV Presentation / Master Control Playout for many big name networks in Australia. There are four standout TV automation features of OtsAV TV Broadcaster that leave megabuck high-end systems costing $10k to $250K for dead:-"

"1. Reliability, the software runs effortlessley and without hiccup basically forever. This is very rare for Windows based software. The only problems I have encountered was when a hard drive failed on me once, once replaced, everything was back to normal, thus being a hardware fault, and in no-way an OtsAV software issue. There have been occasions when I have not attended to my system for several weeks, when I do, it is still performing, never having missed a beat. To this day, I have not seen Ots TV Broadcaster fail on me once."

"2. The transitions between items is a breeze. The in-built intelligence of the system to calculate as to when to transition from item to item is astounding, a human could not do a better job. I have set my system to only do cuts on the vision, but leave Ots to automatically dissolve either early or late on the audio. Thus performing trapezoidal type transitions which many older professional analogue TV broadcast systems were able to perform, but are an absolute rarity on today's SDI/file based systems with embedded audio playing single output back to back server events. Many of today's TV Playout operators would not know what a trapezoidal transition is, let alone, seen/heard one. OtsAV has relived the magic and beauty of these transitions, and without effort."

"3. The ability of OtsAV via Ots Studio media importing puts a stop to anyone having to change old legacy 4:3 material into 16:9 aspect ratio formatted media. OtsAV TV broadcaster is able to code all 4:3 and 16:9 rendered mpeg2 files and apply appropiate metadata settings (which can be reviewed on a file by file basis if needed). There is no need to re-render 4:3 material into 16:9 for OtsAV. The OtsAV TV Broadcaster is able to effortlessly playout a mix of 4:3 and 16:9 content and effectively live aspect ratio convert 4:3 content into 16:9 if your system is set to output 16:9, and vice versa, convert 16:9 content back to 4:3 if your system is set to output 4:3. For many operators who have extensive collections of 4:3 material only existing as rendered files, and no longer have the origating material to file render a 16:9 ARC'd version, OtsAV is a lifesaver. And on top of this, the OtsAV TV Broadcaster is able to dissolve between 4:3 and 16:9 originated material with no ARC b!ending of the vision between items. No professional mega-buck high-end TV Automation system I am aware of is able to acheive this."

"4. The audio processing is magic to the ears. What would cost $5k to $20k as separate limiter/compressor hardware is inbuilt into the OtsAV software. The ease of being able to leave the system to automatically ride audio levels is again, another outstanding feature of OtsAV software."

"There are many more features I can rave about. If you have read this far, I would highly recommend OtsAV TV Broadcaster for anyone seeking cost effective and innovative playout solutions."

-- C.T., Freelance Broadcast Consultant, Sydney, Australia

"When our radio station ran a drive-in movie event, OtsAV was the obvious choice to schedule and play out all our client-paid ads, pre-film music (with automated slide show), music videos, trailers, to-the-second scheduled promos and teasers, and of course, the main event - the film itself.

I couldn't think of a more comprehensive, all-inclusive and cost effective solution.

We have used OtsAV many times at events, and it's yet to let us down. Keep up the good work!"

-- Andrew, Heart FM, Brighton, United Kingdom

"Hi! OtsAV DJ is a phenomenal software for us DJs. It really helped a lot in bringing our performance to the highest and intense level! Everybody's wavin' their hands up in the air, which inspired to do more. And I am proud and glad to say that OtsAV DJ has been one of my greatest assets in attaining this huge success! Continue rocking!"

-- Deejay Mike, General Santos City, Philippines

"I started with OTSDJ over 10yrs ago. The program has never failed and I use it almost every week end. I thought at the time "how could this be any better?" You folks supplied regular updates with many pleasant surprises. Since upgrading to OTSAV DJ 1.9 I'm still wondering "how could this get any better?" I can't wait to see what is next. Keep up the great work!"

-- Jim Helton, J Helton mobile DJ, Kentucky, USA

"I've been using OtsAV, or OtsJuke as it was then, since 1999 or maybe 2000. I was that impressed, I bought it after trying it for just a few days, I decided it was what I needed. I since then have tried them all, SAM, Virtual DJ, Traktor, Jazler, Myriad, MAirlist and more, it always came back to the simplicity, reliability and quality of OtsAV. With the improvements of Ots over the last 12-13 years (the media library means no more spending 20-30 minutes importing ALL your songs again, just any new ones), Ots is now a vital part of my life. I just want to thank you for all your hard work and I look forward to the future."

-- John Oxborough, England

"OtsAV is by far the most amazing audio broadcasting product we've ever used. Heavily underestimated by some, but we looked passed the at first glance not so appealing design of OtsAV and negative comments by ignorant people on the internet, and went straight for it's functions and features and boy... we were impressed, and still are! Yes, we started out with a hacked version of OtsAV DJ, but after using that for a while we knew this software was worth every dime and so we bought OtsAV Radio and connected it to our IceCast2 server without problems, and never looked back. We got compliments from big boys in the radio industry about our sound, and nobody could believe we use just the software processing readily available in OtsAV, and they all wanted to know what settings we used,... something we ofcourse did not share with the world. We are heavily impressed with the amazing capabilities of Ots' audio engine, and we don't lie when we say we sound just as good or even better than some of our biggest competitors who must've spent thousands on their audio equipment! And radio is all about sound, so doing that right is a big plus for OtsAV. We haven't even used half the functions of Ots properly, but we can't wait to dig in the documentation and learn it all."

"It's amazing to see such enterprise grade software being sold for such a reasonable price, and we hope that the team behind OtsAV will continue to do what they do, because we love it! Keep it up team!"

-- Greetings from The Netherlands, EclecticRadio

"I have been using ots since 2002 and it's the best product on the market for what I need it to do. It allows me to travel the world with my show with the ability to make and change set lists (playlists) and have my show run by just touching the button and letting it run untill the end. Still today after nearly 10 years venue's, clients and other acts ask what i'm using and how great it is......and that has resulted in others buying this great product. I probably use only 50% of its capabilites which show's so this is worth every penny you spend on it

"Europe's Leading Dolly Parton as said by Kenny Rogers himself on his own website"

-- SJ, Dolly Parton Tribute Act, Worldwide based London, England

"As the Entertainment & Promotions Manager for our company we have utilized many different programs for our venues. By far OtsAv has proven to be the best multi-function program providing unmatched reliability and stability for our VJ/DJ's in all our venues!"

-- Rich Sowers, Concept Entertainment Group, Portland, Oregon, USA

"We have been using Ots products for 10 years now! We needed something that just worked. Was easy to use, and most important...reliable. Ots delivers. Thanks for the great performance!"

-- DJ Big Hands, Sound Express, Illinois, USA

"OTS Labs, All I can say is 'Terrific Program' No other even comes close for going the distance, and keeping up with everything I can throw at it. Stability & reliability are where it counts when you push the system for hours and hours, and never a moments worry, that will be an OTS lab product. Another thing to make a big mention of, is the professional and very prompt way OTS labs assist with customers questions and make replies almost instantly in most cases. And, always in a language that we can all understand. Now this 'never' happens with any of the 'others !"

"OTS Labs, I thank you, Keep up the good work."

-- Kev B, Worx, South England

"Our business has actively been using OTS AV DJ for over 5 years and always found it to be a flawless option for DJ software. The ease of use is amazing, the music flows from song to song with precision without any gaps and the volume level remains constant. For entertainers looking for a solid DJ software that never fails I only recommend OTS AV. We currently use it on multiple machines and never experience any problems, with great features like the ability to use a MIDI controller and save playlists, I find it the only option for weddings, parties and corporate events. The cost is great value for the quality of the product and I highly recommend it to DJs and entertainers."

-- Jono Toohey, Albury DJ Entertainment, Australia

"When I first looked at DJ software I tried Mixmeister, PCDJ, DJ Power, and OTS. I could not figure out the first three. When I loaded OTS I loved the simple, clean screen. Then in playback I noticed that the sound was better. Then the intelligent fades. Then the GREAT database! But, for me, the kicker was the directives. When I read the information on the pause and stop and re-cue directives it was a "EUREKA!" I immediately saw how these two directives would get me out from behind my rig. That's the moment I bought OTS."

-- Stan Dixon
Stan Dixon Entertainment
Owner and DJ
Columbus, Ohio

"I really love this program...we could not do things the way we do without OTS...OTS makes things so easy it is really amazing... "

-- Cameron Steel, Contact Talk Radio

"I just wanted say that I'm so very happy with your product for our video system. I threw DJ Power in the trash!"

-- Mark McConnell, Owner, Boogie Fever Cafe and Disco, Ferndale, Michigan, USA

"I have about 80 (well 5 or 6) different media players for all the stuff I like to do. Ots for music of coarse, a kareoke player, and several video players depending on what I was playing. Just the pain of switching back and forth all the time was enough to drive me crazy. Not to mention the loss of audio quality when Im not using Ots. I love it! Great job. This is why I got on board so many years ago. OtsJuke was cutting edge then, and there is nothing like OtsAV anywhere. Several buddies have the boombox version after seeing what I do at gigs. Once they see this, its upgrade time for all of them, guaranteed! So keep it up"

-- Jeremiah Vaughan, Shockwave Productions

"I truely love this program. It has changed my life. The thrill of listening to it perfectly match songs seamlessly is better than any drug. Many times I'll just skip the main parts of songs and only play the mix sections. Shuffle the play list and wait for pleasant surprises, as some songs mix so well it's awe inspiring."

-- Matt Smith, Illinois, USA

"I would just like to comment on your latest OTSAV software basically I'm speechless. This latest version is a piece of art in its self and worth the wait. I have been with you since $59 days and what a fantastic piece of kit. Works flawlesly with the new features I had only dreamed about 5 years ago, what a great professional team you are fantastic. WELL PLEASED."

-- Nick Fair, England, UK

"I was blown away with the automated beat mixing when it was released and now you release the new OtsAV.... I didn't think I could be any more excited about an integral part of what makes my business a success and has done for over 5 years. I've DJ'd for 20 years but thanks to Ots I'll never get bored... Well done to all involved... Ots keeps growing from strength to strength... I wouldn't use anything else!"

-- Peter G, Presenter, East Coast Radio

" Wow!! Let me begin by saying...What an awesome program OTS AV is! I started DJ'ing with Technics 1200's years ago...then came the CD's ...and then it was on to a computer with the help of OTSDJ, a top notch..second to none program to make the job not only easier, but absolutely fun! I worked Karaoke a little using PCDJ/KCDJ, and the rest you know. The new OTSAV takes Karaoke to a different level as far as I'm concerned. I'll even tell my customers I have Karaoke now! Thank's for your continued effort to add and improve OTSDJ! It's absolutely...without a doubt...the best! "

-- Sam Niemyer, North Carolina, USA

" I used it at my gig last night (Sat) and have to say it was brilliant. I use vista and otsav was bob on! No glitches No freezing, Nothing... I imported all my music with no problems at all. The search facility within the software was very fast. All in all am very very pleased being a vista user with Otsav..Well done and keep up the good work."

-- Steve Mitchell

" Thank you. I used the ots player for the first time at the weekend. It was fantastic. I will recommend this product to several of my friends. Easy to use and sounded great...."

-- David Corscadden, UK

"[OtsAV] is the best radio broadcast program I've found. Best features are AGC, Compressor, & Limiter. Other programs either don't work, work poorly, are nearly impossible to use, etc. I really appreciate the automatic cross-fade feature which seems to load the next tune a few secs. before the current tune finishes, allowing a smooth cross-fade in RAM. The Cross-Fade feature also seems to have a good "brain" so it does not fade out a vocal which goes to the end of the current tune. Fantastic!"

-- Imre A. Csaszar, President, Imre Designs Inc., Kamuela, Hawaii, USA

"Thanks for the registered version of [OtsAV]. I LOVE IT, its easy to use, sexy looking and sounds great. Your triggering is so accurate in the DJ mode. Better than Visiosonics."

-- Wayne Arthur Postlewaight, Disc Jockey / Owner, Port Douglas Mobile Disco, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

"Hello, My name is Tom Moog. I am a former radio personality, and I came across your website quite by accident. I am now a consultant for several radio stations, and often times, their people will come to me for my opinion on different products. I have been asked about raduga, and wavestation specifically. So, I downloaded their trial demos, and have been playing with them for weeks. Tonight, I came across your website and downloaded a demo of your product. I was so impressed with it after 5 minutes of use, I ordered it. As a matter of fact, I have already deleted the other automation systems from my drive."

"I have had experience with all the major "pro-grade" systems, and it is my opinion that this will be the best system on the market."

-- Thomas W. Moog, President, Thomas Moog Creative Services, Cary, North Carolina, USA

"Thank you for this product! It has become a lifesaver for the industry, and gives those of us who use it an advantage over all those who do not."

-- Brian A. Brickey, President and Lead DJ, Brickwall Music Entertainment, Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA

"I purchased [OtsAV] for a very large Millennium party that I was DJing, and I have to tell you that it ran flawlessly, and is the best sounding DJ software I've ever used, and I've tried them ALL! This was a very important party for me, and everyone who was involved, so I needed the best software possible, and [OtsAV] is just that! Thank you very much! I'm looking forward to getting the upgrades!"

-- William Thomas Smith (Liam), Disc Jockey, Chronic Productions, Palm Harbor, Florida, USA

"The dynamics processor is superb, as good as a stand alone unit at £1000!"

-- Rodney Neill, Manager, Craigavon AV Services, Craigavon, County Armagh, Northern Ireland

"Well, I have to say that of all the programs I've tried out - including Visiosonic's Pro1200SL - I have been most impressed by yours, that is why I purchased your software. I've been looking for software like yours for a long time."

"Your product will go very far if you keep ahead of the competition and keep kicking a** like you have been with [OtsAV]!"

-- Joe Hakim, President, Power Jam Productions, Decorah, Iowa, USA

"I tried your demonstration version of [OtsAV] and I have to say that you have done a really beautiful job."

-- Giorgio Rizzetto, Broadcast supervisor, Radio Sound 103.400 Mhz, San Dona' di Piave, Italy, Venezia

"I have been looking for sometime for a product to run a small non-commercial radio station overnight, [OtsAV] is perfect. I tried a handful of other "automation" software and yours is clearly head and shoulders above them. Congratulations on a great product."

-- Nathan Benson, Engineer, CSE, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

"I would like to say again that your product performs outstanding and like no other application that I've ever used before!! I used [OtsAV] at a wedding reception recently and the free flowing crossfades between songs made the experience very professional! We got several compliments on the music that day and I look forward to a new hobby of DJ'ing on the side. Your program makes working with MP3's a true joy. Thank you for your hard work and all the effort that goes into making a superb software product. You stand among few products of this quality."

-- Chris Conway, President, CEC Software, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

"I'm a registered user of [OtsAV] and I LOVE it!"

"The latest release of [OtsAV] is GREAT! I really like the keyboard shortcuts being added. Way to go!"

-- Michael A. Weiner, Mobile DJ / Owner, Sinclair Sound Productions, Flint, Michigan, USA

"You guys are RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!! I just got my first upgrade. this is GREAT! the ability to play short files! Thank you thank you thank you! ... I have been in radio for 10 years, and I LOVE this product!!! Keep up the great work!"

-- Thomas W. Moog, President, Thomas Moog Creative Services, Cary, North Carolina, USA

"Some of the things I now find I have time to do when DJ'ing I never had the time when trying to sort through CD's. More interaction with the crowd, responding to swings on the dance floor quicker, responding to instant dance opportunities, and controlling the light show more effectively. In all a far better performance and entertainment for the audience!"

-- Ian Gilbey, Marketing Manager and IT support, Amey PLC, Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK

"Being a mobile disc jockey for 23 years, I think I've finally found what I've been looking for. This thing is pretty damn cool! The sound quality, the mixing, the dynamics processor...amazing!"

-- Sid The Surf Crazy Disc Jockey, Asheville, North Carolina, USA

"I have been a DJ for over 15 years, and in all my time in the business, I have seen a lot of equipment. This program is by far the best innovation that I have seen in years. You have done our industry a great favor by making this available to us."

"By far this is the best program available today!"

"PS. I have recomended this program to all 45 DJ's who work for me."

-- Brian A. Brickey, President and Lead DJ, Brickwall Music Entertainment, Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA

"I went to the dj show in Atlantic City this year where they were making a big fuss about the Visiosonic mixer - but I wasn't as impressed with that as with yours."

-- Joe Hakim, President, Power Jam Productions, Decorah, Iowa, USA

"I have used your product for a few gigs and am overwhelmed at the positive response ... Keep up the good work and I look forward to the updates."

-- Jim Kelly, Entertainer / Partner, Barclay's Beats, Edinburgh, Scotland

"I am very impressed with your product, so far. I've used it at a number of gigs and it hasn't let me down yet! I had an associate DJ friend of mine help me at a high profile wedding at the downtown Marriot, Cleveland Ohio USA. I let him use the [OtsAV] system for the evening while I attended to the CD players. We had a blast. I would expect you to get a number of new orders from Cleve in the near future. Thanks for a great product."

-- James "Jim" Felter, Stow, Ohio, USA

"Fist may I say, you are doing a great job on a truly innovative and very impressive product. I have been using [OtsAV] since November at live venues and it has been flawless. I can't get over the BUZZ and how proud I feel when people come to request a song and they see my custom built computerised unit.

"They cannot believe that it is a computer that is entertain them. At this point I sing the praises of the system and its uniqueness, I am the only computerised DJ they have ever encountered and the bookings just roll in.

"I feel you are on the right road of revolutionising the way DJ's work and will set a precedence for all other products. I say this with some experience in having looked at other MP3 type DJ/Players PCdj, Phats, BPM, Semisonic, Virtual turntables, Mobile DJ to name but few and confirm to you none of them can hold a stick to [OtsAV] in quality of workmanship, easy of visual use, sound quality output, and present features.

"Keep up the good work."

-- Ian Gilbey, Marketing Manager and IT support, Amey PLC, Didcot, Oxfordshire, UK

"The demo is absolutely fantastic! I'm so very much impressed - at last, a program that does exactly what I want smoothly! I can play 2 files side by side and they don't skip unlike other DJ programs."

"Once again, I am most impressed with your program - well done!"

-- Ian Forest, Managing Director, DISCO Fever, Rochdale, Lancashire, UK

"Thank you! It's an awesome product ... It's pure excitement to use and has a very awesome interface!"

-- Chris Conway, President, CEC Software, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

"It's 3:15 in the morning, and I've now been here for 3 hours listening to the same half a dozen songs over and over again, adjusting and readjusting the compression settings. What is wrong with me??? (Other than the fact that I am an audio processing junkie...) ;^>

"What an unbelievable product... ([OtsAV]) As SOON as we get the money, I am going to own this. I just hope the price doesn't go up before I get a copy bought! :-("

"Thanks for a killer piece of software! I can't wait to see what's coming next!"

-- Gene Savage, Co-Owner, Savage Rock Radio, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

"The Dynamics Processing and Graphic equaliser modules are definitely 2 of the best audio processors I have come across in my XX years in broadcasting. This includes Megabuck dedicated hardware."

-- Eric Brodrick, Production Co-ordinator / Technician, Community Radio MAX-FM, Narrabri, New South Wales, Australia

"I can't believe I found the GREATEST DJ program out there. I have tried and bought many that simply DO NOT work. Thank you for you software I LOVE IT!"

-- Dr Schemerorn, President, DrSchem's Music Machine, Horseheads, New York, USA

"Your product now is one of the best and I'm sure that when 2.0 is released, it will leave the others in the dust!"

-- Douglas Webb, Owner, Moondance Entertainment, Warrenton, Virginia, USA

"I LOVE! the ability to play 2 cd tracks at once!! That is really cool."

-- Malcolm Walthall, Owner/DJ, FLY Productions, Macon, Georgia, USA

"Receive my sincere congratulations for this extraordinary software."

"I am very happy to have buy [OtsAV]. I consider that it is the only one to correspond to my needs."

-- Didier Raynal, Coordinator of Musical Programming, Nostalgie Network, Beaumont sur Oise, Val d'Oise, France

"Your DJ software is the best music (MP3) mixing and cuing software I have ever seen...and believe me, I have been looking for a long time! :) Thank you for making such a beautiful package available for a price that's actually within reach of us 'small guys'."

-- Chris Conway, President, CEC Software, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

"I have been using [OtsAV] for a month now ... I have my computer hooked up to a Mackie mixing board and then to a 30 band eq then to a crossover and then to 2 amps, 1 for bass and 1 for mids and treble. I am running around 2200 watts and at that volume every little nuance is noticable, at [OtsAV] has performed flawlessly.

"Everyone is so amazed at your product and I even put your logo on my show website (www.brianandscottyshow.com), and my "gimmick" is even in the ads in the paper. (Re:attachment)People have been creating quite a stir up here in Hartford, WI, USA. People are amazed at the quality of the sound and the ease of use for this program. I myself have been waiting for a program like this for a long time!! You and your staff have been so helpful!!

"And like I have told you before, imagine bringing in a laptop?? No cds?? Everyone asks where are your cds and why do you have a computer here?? So I tell them and they have to pick their chins off of the ground. People are amazed and then i tell them about the upgrades that are coming and they can't believe that [OtsAV] can get any better!! I even sold a couple [OtsAV] programs for you!!

"So take care and thanks again for such an awesome and innovative product!!"

-- Lisa Strupp, Owner, Pair-a-Dice Productions, West Bend, Wisconsin, USA

"I'm really enjoying your program! As someone who has been a professional radio announcer and DJ for 15 years its nice to see someone finally get it right at a price the rest of us can afford! Thanks!"

-- Bill McElree, Broadcaster / Programmer / Disc Jockey, B&J Music Services, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

"May I congratulate you on the program - It rocks. The Dynamics processor is one of the best I have heard - this includes dedicated professional processors up to $10k (can't wait till you get the line in function working) - This will give Community Radio stations the ability to have a professional sound without having to blow the years budget on an 'Optimod'.

"The cross-fading function works well and all available functions are the best of any other similar programs which can cost up to 10 times the price of [OtsAV] and I have tried most of them."

-- Eric Brodrick, Production Co-ordinator / Technician, Community Radio MAX-FM, Narrabri, New South Wales, Australia

"I've tried the programme on a surprise party last saturday and it was fantastic. The reaction!! Many peoples come around me to see what happen "Hey, the DJ play music with a pc! - WOW". And the new utility to transform files is very perfect."

-- Benoit Watier, President, Musam@x, Longueuil, Quebec, Canada

"I LOVE your new software! I tried it out after seeing it on mp3.com. It is truly an awesome product."

"I am a former radio dj of 18 years and currently work at The Weather Channel Cable Network in Atlanta, Georgia.

"Thanks for your time and again, you have an awesome product for which nothing else comes close (I've tried all the others)."

-- Allen Jackson, Part-time DJ, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

"I am in such shock right now that you have developed such a smooth, well thought out product. I played with it, and played with it, and listened, and listened some more. Smooth sounds are the only two words for it. You should be very proud of such an accomplishment. I really don't mean to inflate your ego......but WOW!"

-- Rick Poole, President, Advanced Venue Resources & Power Station Entertainment, Seattle, Washington, USA

"I, personally, have undertaken a project in the last 18 months of creating a fully automated radio station. [OtsAV] is exactly what i've been looking for for quite a while. I have tried many other programs including Raduga and Virtual Turn Tables but found them both unstable under NT and not quite suitable (also system intensive!). To this date i have been using Aphex dynamics processing equipment for the radio project but intend to do away with this now."

-- Adam Boon, Digital Systems Engineer, Professional Audio Services, Wodonga, Victoria, Australia

"[OtsAV] still excels in parts that other programs can't even touch - I am still most impressed!"

-- Ian Forest, Managing Director, DISCO Fever, Rochdale, Lancashire, UK

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