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What is DJ software?

How important is stability and reliability in YOUR playout system or DJ software?

OtsAV is known as the most stable and reliable playout system for the Windows platform. Find out why...

DJ software is a specialized form of playout system—computer software specifically designed for the purpose of playing or presenting media (typically musical items) to an audience, normally as part of a performance, show, station/channel, event or function. The DJ software application or system assists the DJ, MC, host or operator in the technical aspects of the presentation of items while allowing him or her to focus on other important areas.

In a typical case, the DJ may be directly responsible for keeping the crowd entertained through song selection and occasional oral commentary. At a party or wedding this may extend to games and other activities designed to retain crowd attention and maximize audience participation and enjoyment. In all cases, the more a DJ can focus on these human roles and less on the mundane technical aspects of playing music, the more likely the event is to be a success. Professional DJ software like OtsAV is designed specifically to accommodate the needs of DJs and help them achieve a professional and successful outcome.

How is OtsAV DJ software different to other DJ software?

Good DJ software is about far more than just playing songs. Anyone can do that with a computer and a simple media player! Brilliant DJ software is about empowering you—the DJ— to achieve excellence at every gig and always entertaining your guests in the most professional manner possible. OtsAV DJ software is unique because it offers all of the following:

  • OtsAV is intuitive and easy to use. Put simply, our customers tell us this all the time! OtsAV offers a non-threatening and intuitive interface that anyone can feel comfortable operating in seconds. Do not be fooled, however! The simple interface belies great power that is there, ready to go for anyone who dares to probe a little deeper! In essence, OtsAV will grow with you and your needs, exposing as much power as you require, as you require it.

  • OtsAV is rock solid, stable and reliable. In many respects this is the most important attribute of any DJ software system. If it doesn't work all the time, and work reliably—without pops, crackles, coughs, hiccups, refusing to play certain items, or even worse but common in some other DJ software, system crashes—then what really is the point? OtsAV has earned the reputation of being the most stable and reliable DJ software on the Windows platform—no mean feat indeed! Even our competitors or those closely affiliated with them have acknowledged this fact at various times and in various ways. If you want DJ software that goes and goes—run it for a year straight without a single reboot if that takes your fancy—and never leaves you standing with your pants down, OtsAV is for you!

  • OtsAV is the best in audio and video quality. As a DJ/VJ/KJ a large part of your job entails presenting audio (and perhaps, video) content to an audience, so the audio (and video) quality is—really—pretty important. Most DJs realise this of course. A smooth, professional, clear, polished output is part of your excellence as a DJ and your audience will notice the difference whether or not they are audiophiles or home theater experts. The fact is almost everyone can perceive a quality result, even if they can't identify or explain scientifically the attributes which create it. OtsAV DJ is built from the ground up upon philosophies of quality and absolutely exudes quality in all facets. From its PureFloat™ audio processing to its ClearScale™ time-scaling or TrueSmooth™ video engine, OtsAV contains innovations that will ensure the best audio and video quality at your gig—results that will turn heads, generate compliments and invite repeat business!

  • OtsAV is innovative. There are countless areas of innovation within OtsAV that could be discussed at length. Let's just pick one for this brief paragraph—the one that is universally acknowledged within the industry including by our competitors (do a search or read the various DJ forums)—OtsAV's IntelliFade™/ACI mixing technology. This world-first technology exclusive to Ots Labs is still driving most OtsAV sales even more than a decade after its initial introduction! Why? Quite simply because the competition still can't do it well! That, and the fact that this single innovation collectively saves millions of precious hours of time for our many thousands of customers—every single day. OtsAV DJ software contains many such innovations (see a few key ones here)—some saving your valuable time, some providing performance or polish, or reliability, etc. The point is that OtsAV has always been the market-leading DJ software—the one that others talk about and try to follow and sometimes try to clone too closely (but fall short—yet imitation is the best form of flattery!). Ots Labs has never been afraid to pioneer new concepts—even if radical—and this is borne right out of our design philosophies.

  • OtsAV is lean, mean, fast and efficient. You want DJ software that runs like clockwork. You start it and it loads immediately, running effortlessly while consuming little of your system resources and responding instantly to your every command with no delays or holdups. Sound too good to be true? (Yes, unfortunately so many applications are that bad these days that many people's expectations have taken a hit). The great news is, OtsAV DJ has delivered this kind of superior performance for over a decade and it's all due to the technological innovations and underlying philosophies that have formed its development at every step of the way. Seriously, why would you settle for sub-par DJ software when you could be running OtsAV like thousands of other "blown-away" Ots Labs customers?

  • OtsAV is inexpensive. Price probably should not be the overriding factor for most purchasers of DJ software as the hidden or non-direct costs involved in using the wrong software for your situation can easily pale any perceived saving into insignificance. That said, it's refreshing when something as great as OtsAV is also affordable to all. Ots Labs used to sell modules such as video and karaoke separately. Now, the entire OtsAV DJ Pro package, including full audio, video & karaoke capabilities is available for one low price—the best and most innovative DJ software also represents the most value!

A few years ago Ots Labs created the DJSoftware.com Gold-Class Quality Initiative as an expression of values that we believe all brilliant DJ software should exhibit. You may like to take a moment to read these values here and learn more about what makes a truly industry-leading DJ software suite.

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