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Case Studies

Sometimes the best way to understand something is by example! On this page we've put together some real-world usage scenarios of OtsAV in action, demonstrating the breadth and diversity of its usefulness. Thanks goes out to the companies and individuals who have shared their stories with us! We regret that we are unable to publish everything we receive, however we do periodically review the articles presented here.

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AMS logo AMS plasma
AMS at tradeshow, Auckland Venue using AMS services
AMS at tradeshow, Auckland

Powering Cafes, Bars, Gyms, Hotels & Retail

Automated Music Systems, based in Wellington, New Zealand, are a background and foreground music system provider and rely on the stability and quality of OtsAV for their hundreds of clients. Director Brent de Bres commented, "We provide computer based music systems for Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Retail & Gyms...well just about anywhere you need music... We have tried many, many others applications... The key difference with Ots is its stability, the backup and service...versatility, quality in terms of video and audio output. It just works. We just don't get support calls from customers because Ots has crashed - period! As a business having such a sound and steady base to work from makes all the difference. Getting to the number one computer based music system provider in NZ was a lot easier with Ots on our side." It's this rock-solid performance, free of crashing, that keeps Automated Music System's service running smoothly, clients happy, and consequently Brent and his staff happy.

Brent has been in the music industry for over 30 years, giving him a depth of experience and insight. Brent explains, "This has been as a DJ, working for a music company, radio and now as a company director. The company has been around [since about 2003]". Automated Music Systems has a wide range of clients in the hospitality industry from cafes and hotels to bars, gyms and retail.

When asked what his favorite feature of OtsAV was, Brent said, "The media library. The file format is superb. Having the album cover, copyright and all other information in a single file which can also include all the tracks on an album is so much tidier."

So how do Automated Music System's clients feel using OtsAV? Brent exclaimed, "Our customers love Ots. Again they like the fact it is stable, easy to use and they can see when a song is actually going to play in the playlist. Couple this with AMS's categories/genres, licensed music (both Audio & Video) and Ots's flexibility for use as a background music system, DJ/VJ use, in rooms at hotels and radio".

Update July 2011: AMS is now the number #1 computer based music provider within the New Zealand market, having eclipsed all of the established players—some whom have existed for around 20 years or more. Congratulations to Brent and his team! Ots Labs is proud to have supported you in your endeavours.

-- Brent de Bres, Director, Automated Music Systems Ltd.

Home of Hermitage FMHermitage FM - OtsAV Powered Community Radio Station

Jon Sketchley of Hermitage FM broadcasting with Ots software to power the station

Hermitage FM, a community radio station, located in Leicestershire, United Kingdom, has been using OtsAV to facilitate their radio needs for over 14 years. Jon Sketchley of Hermitage FM says, “Running a community radio station is an enormous task Ots has helped through its flexibility”. He explains that “the clever bit is in broadcasting...the ability to mix and deliver good automation after hours, provide a glitch free player in live programming and to also be at the heart of the station delivering everything to our transmitters including the live shows through the audio pipeline. We use Ots not just in our studios but in our control room. Including our daily scheduling.”

Jon says he has tried other software on the market, however, “Other audio software that I have tried was never as complete, whoever was the originator of Ots has carefully thought it all out”. When asked what he likes the most about OtsAV, Jon says, “The scheduling etc. The audio adjustment makes the station operation easier. Regularly do we get comments on our audio quality”.

Jon also wants to share with others trying to launch their own community radio station, “I would recommend Ots to anyone looking to get started in radio. Without the right products radio can be hard work but this software is so flexible and can be used at different levels.”

-- Jon Sketchley, Hermitage FM - A Community Radio Station.

Bob Perry, JACK-FM founder, with servers running Ots software to power the stationOtsAV, The Technology Behind A Radio Revolution - JACK-FM.

OtsAV is the technology behind the original JACK-FM station. JACK-FM founder, Bob Perry, first discovered OtsAV from the engineer of a small AM station on Long Island, Bob explains, "I was impressed how good and tight the station sounded...I downloaded the demo...the rest is history".

The JACK-FM concept was inspired by Bob's "button-puncher" wife, friends and a few holiday parties. "I realised that no one listens to just one genre of music in their life. We all enjoy different sounds at different times. Upbeat pop, good rock 'n' roll, oldies, Sinatra or a little country heartbreaker now and then." With this inspiration Bob loaded his OtsDJ [OtsAV] program with a wide variety of music and launched the original online JACK-FM station in late 2000.

Seven years later, JACK-FM is a world-wide phenomenon being played in over 70 stations in the USA, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom. Meanwhile the original online station is still happily running on OtsDJ [OtsAV].

Bob admits that OtsAV's segue control (auto-mixing) has saved him hours by eliminating the need to set heads/tails, segue points and the like to songs. "Ots is rip it and forget it! I'm always amazed at the great segues and my listeners are too." Bob explains. The OtsAV Scheduling and Logging feature is another one of Bob's favorites, helping to create a truly professional station.

Reminiscing, Bob casually comments "Funny how OtsDJ [OtsAV] helped launch a radio revolution huh? Boy is that a promo for Ots!"

Brent Sweetin of Texas Style DJ using OtsAV with Video to entertain the US troops based in GermanyEntertaining Soldiers

Brent Sweetin of Texas Style DJ using OtsAV with Video to entertain the US troops based in Germany (pictured left).

Ots Labs is proud to reveal the use of OtsAV at the Kazabra Club, the largest American Country Club in Europe purpose built to entertain the US armed forces and their families. The Kazabra Club is based near Landstuhl Regional Medical Centre (LRMC), the largest American military hospital outside the United States, which has played a major role in many world events. Today, LRMC provides medical treatment to casualties injured during Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan and Operation Iraqi Freedom in Iraq.

Texas Style DJ, Brent Sweetin uses OtsAV Pro with the Video and Karaoke features to entertain approximately 1000 soldiers every week. Country music is the genre of choice for this crowd and Brent uses a combination of Video and Karaoke to get the soldiers involved. OtsAV's automation feature is of most benefit for Brent, he explains, "It lets you concentrate more on your crowd and less on looking for the next song off a disk".

The Kazabra Club plays an important role for the well being and morale of these US soldiers and their families, therefore it is important things flow smoothly. The quality and reliability of the Ots software eliminates much of the night's worries and all Brent can say is "Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"

Discapacidad TelevisionOtsAV TV Broadcaster powering Discapacidad Television

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Discapacidad Television have taken their station to a new level with OtsAV TV Broadcaster. Editor & Operator Esteban Caussa expressed, "When we tried out OtsAV we discovered another world of doing television... OtsAV is really stable, blazing fast while converting MPEG-2 files and its smooth motion is really amazing.".

"We at discapacidad television (disability television) where looking for a professional software to allow us to work live, and being able to make changes in the programming while broadcasting live shows. We used to build up several DVDs with different changes that may occur during our shows, like advertising changes, or shows finishing their live performances late, so working as we did before knowing OtsAV was a chaos."

"We are now able to discard promos, ads, or whatever that is delaying our broadcast and always be on time for the next show. Now that we have discovered OtsAV we even save a lot of money on blank DVDs as now they are part of our past."

Esteban sums up their experience saying, "Thanks OtsAV, you saved us our lives and you let us learn another way to do television."

-- Discapacidad Television website.

Kevin Atkinson"OtsAV is the best choice of software!"

At 22, Kevin Atkinson is chairman of the Community Broadcast Initiative Tyneside (CBIT), IT Manager at NE1fm 102.5, an events DJ, and an IT network specialist (pictured left).

Kevin doesn't waste time, so when a friend introduced him to OtsJuke (now OtsAV) he quickly binned his frustrating PCDJ licence to enjoy the exceptional sound quality, stability and automation of OtsJuke. Kevin explains, "...[I] wanted something that sounded better, was more reliable and had automation for my radio work."

Kevin explains, "now I use nothing but OtsAV". NE1fm 102.5 is run on OtsAV and Kevin also uses it to Compere and DJ at events all around the North East of the UK.

For over 5 years Kevin has enjoyed the stand out qualities unique to OtsAV. He says, "I love hearing the automation sound perfect every time". He remains an avid supporter of OtsAV, commenting that, "I often wonder why I am not a re-seller as I push for people to purchase it everytime people ask how they can get their hands on it."

When asked if there's anything else he'd like to add, Kevin simply stated, "OtsAV is the best choice of software!"

-- Kevin Atkinson, Chairman: CBIT, IT Manager: NE1fm 102.5, Owner: KevinAtkinson.co.uk

Getting back into the game!

Gordon PilcherGordon Pilcher, a 53 year old DJ, newly wed, and recent stroke victim, is using OtsAV as a rehabilitation tool to defy doctors' diagnosis (pictured right).

"Go home and sit on the veranda in the sun". Gordon's doctors did not have an optimistic outlook after a major 2003 stroke left him paralysed down the left side, "ok, I was almost worm food" admits Gordon. However to his doctor's amazement, Gordon's determination saw him walking within 3 months, successfully re-sit his drivers licence, and begin challenging his cognitive function using OtsAV.

With years of experience as a radio DJ, Gordon chose to use his recently purchased OtsDJ Pro licence (now OtsAV) to help him get back to the things he knew. "I started to push the boundaries...with my sons' help, I DJ'd at a couple of parties and they went down a real treat." During one of these parties Gordon was questioned: "Don't most retire after suffering a stroke?" To which he replied "No, it is time to refire!"

Gordon insists OtsAV "would make a great rehabilitation tool for anyone who has suffered a brain injury and has a love for music".

The stroke left him with damage to 30% of the right front section of his brain, the area that operates the cognitive skills. Despite his remarkable recovery, Gordon's left arm remains paralysed and would like "anyone who has a spare left arm they don't need" to contact him.

Gordon is grateful for the benefit and enjoyment OtsAV has provided him, "it's awesome, just the bees knees and the customer service is brilliant...Ots Corp could teach other businesses what service really is".

Matthew RigbyFull Time Property Underwriter, Part Time DJ

Matthew Rigby (pictured left) is an insurance man with a passion to entertain. From filing out endless forms by day to freeform by night, Matt (DJ M) does not live by stereotypes. He's even turned his passion into a company that offers professional DJ entertainment and party supplies for almost any event.

When it came time for Matt to move into the digital DJing era he searched for suitable software and found OtsJuke (now OtsAV), Matt admits "...it was by far the best software I had tried. I converted a few MP3's, had a play with it for a few hours and thought wow, then decided to buy it!".

Matt enjoys the stability and professionalism of OtsAV, he explains, "The audio is always very stable...OTS is the only software I wouldn't worry about when performing live".. Matt continues to show his appreciation of the OtsAV products by acting as a Moderator on the OtsAV Unofficial Forum. Thank you Matt!

-- Matthew Rigby (DJ M), Owner, Matt Rigby DJ Entertainment

Radio - DJ - Home

James Roberts (pictured right) is using OtsAV to run several on-air radio stations and online webcasting. He has worked in the radio industry since 1969, with roles ranging from panel operator to business owner. James has seen many changes throughout the years and when it came time to enter the digital arena he turned to OtsJuke (now OtsAV).

James explains how well this choice has served him, "Since day one, I've always been impressed by the stability and reliability of the product. It has given me a great deal of pleasure over the years to use it, and to participate in the support forum to help others enjoy the Ots experience."

James RobertsHis radio presenting naturally progressed to MC and Mobile DJ work where James continues to enjoy the benefits of OtsAV. When asked to compare OtsAV to other DJ software, James replied, "...the audio and video quality of OtsAV is far superior".

Once a year James also heads to Tamworth, "The Australian Capital of Country Music" to present a program of country music (powered by OtsAV) for "Festival FM 101.5".

In his spare time James relaxes to the sounds of his OtsAV powered home entertainment system, and shares the benefits of OtsAV with numerous others. James said "Several of my family members now have their own copy, and I have been instrumental in selling it to several radio stations."

-- James Roberts (Milky)

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