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Ots Labs OtsAV

The story so far...

Ots Labs has always had a clear policy with the development of its suite of AV products: reliability, innovation and quality.

Reliability, because if it doesn't work -- ALL THE TIME -- then it's as good as useless.

Innovation, because if it can't do what you want, and do it intelligently, then why should you waste your time?

Quality, because you owe it to yourself to present yourself in the best possible light -- in EVERY aspect of your performance.

Have a look at what some of our customers have said about OtsAV in relation to other music mixing programs:

"[OtsAV] is the best radio broadcast program I've found... Other programs either don't work, work poorly, are nearly impossible to use, etc."

-- Imre A. Csaszar, President, Imre Designs Inc., Kamuela, Hawaii, USA

"I can't believe I found the GREATEST DJ program out there. I have tried and bought many that simply DO NOT work. Thank you for you software I LOVE IT!"

-- Dr Schemerorn, President, DrSchem's Music Machine, Horseheads, New York, USA

"I would like to say again that your product performs outstanding and like no other application that I've ever used before!!"

-- Chris Conway, President, CEC Software, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

"...you have an awesome product for which nothing else comes close (I've tried all the others)"

-- Allen Jackson, Part-time DJ, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

OtsAV is the only software for Windows that accomplishes all these feats:

  • MIDI Hardware Control which is flexible and fully user-editable for driving OtsAV with all MIDI-compatible hardware including LEDs and supported screens.
  • Old School mode for sending Deck A to external mixer Channel 1 and Deck B to Channel 2.
  • Automated fade-mixing and beat mixing technology that actually works!
  • A built-in broadcast quality dynamics processor.
  • Incredibly smooth playback and mixing of video and karaoke CD+G content.
  • Realtime crystal clear audio/video time-scaling ranging from 0% to 200% of normal speed!
  • Ability to cue/preview material through a separate cue channel with a 4-channel SB Live soundcard, including stereo separation by deck, making it much easier to beat mix.
  • Instant response when using all controls.
  • Fast, smooth meters and gauges.
  • Realistic digital vinyl scratching with low-pass filtering.
  • Live line-input, which allows you to route external audio through OtsAV's audio pipeline, including the dynamics processor!
  • Ots Studio, which allows full editing of Ots files.

What's coming up in OtsAV?

At Ots Labs, we are far from resting on our laurels! Here's what is coming in future OtsAV upgrades:

  • Looping and sampling!
  • Ability to set and save additional cue points in tracks.
  • Much more, but we like to keep some things under wraps!

Start using the power of OtsAV. Download a free 30-Day Trial or see our buy page and purchase your license now.