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Ots Labs OtsAV

Business / Venue Solutions

1. NEW! MIDI Hardware Control and Audio Deck Assignment

Add more control and power using MIDI hardware control! Use your background music/video system as a DJ system when the night life begins! (Discover more...)

2. Video and Karaoke CD+G playback

The smoothest video playback ever! (Discover more...)

3. Continuous flow auto-mixing

The world's most accurate auto mix point detection (Discover more...)

4. Smooth audio

Dynamic volume processing with AGC/compressor/limiter (Discover more...)

5. Responsive and predictable

Zero-latency instant response controls (Discover more...)

6. Powerful Media Library, Scheduling & Logging

Automatically schedule, query, search and categorize with ease (Discover more...)

7. Automated Beat Mixing

World-first features which allow you to do more than you ever thought possible (Discover more...)

8. Enjoy reliability and efficiency

Lean & mean architecture (Discover more...)

For an audio-only solution...

Download OtsAV Radio 30-Day Trial now! Download OtsAV Radio 30-Day Trial

For an audio and video solution...

Download OtsAV TV 30-Day Trial now! Download OtsAV TV 30-Day Trial

Another 3 reasons why YOU will love this software...

  • 24/7 Unattended Playback

  • Powerful Scheduling & Logging allows customizable music styles any time of the day or week.

  • Advertise your Business

  • Display images promoting your business and services. Play audio and video commercials that relate to your business, and not those of your competition.

  • Complete control

  • You decide what is (and isn't) played on your audio visual system. Add a MIDI Hardware Controller and your system can double as the ultimate DJ package!

What would you like to do?

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