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Ots Labs OtsAV

Download MIDI Hardware Control Maps (OHML)

UPDATE: (July 2018) Revised OHML map for Denon MC6000MK2 (MID knob fix).
UPDATE: (August 2012) New OHML maps for introduced controllers Hercules DJ Console 4-Mx and Hercules DJ Control AIR, and revised OHML maps with added looping functionality for OtsAV 1.90.0 (Hercules DJ Console MK2, Hercules DJ Console RMX, Denon DN-HC4500 and Denon DN-HD2500).

Important: See preliminary documentation outlining essential instructions and changes with these controllers' mappings on this page.

Here you can download the latest OHML MIDI hardware controls maps for use with the latest version of OtsAV.

OHML stands for Ots Hardware Mapping Language.

At the time of a new OtsAV release, all current OHM files are bundled with the version. You only need to download here if a new revision is released for a specific OHM file, or you need the original file back due to accidental deletion/modification.

Choose a download button below, right-click and Save Target/Link As... and save straight into your C:\OtsLabs\Data\OHML\ folder when prompted.

Official Ots Labs Defined Maps for OtsAV 1.90.0 and above:

(Ots) Denon MC6000MK2.ohm
(Ots) Denon DN-HC4500.ohm

(Ots) Denon DN-HC4500 + DN-X500~900.ohm 
(Ots) Denon DN-HD2500.ohm
(Ots) Hercules DJ Console 4-Mx.ohm
(Ots) Hercules DJ Control AIR.ohm
(Ots) Hercules DJ Console RMX.ohm
(Ots) Hercules DJ Console MK2.ohm

Official Ots Labs Defined Maps for OtsAV 1.85.064 (will work in higher versions too):

(Ots) Behringer BCD3000.ohm (Revision 2 - 17th May 2008)
(Ots) Behringer BCD2000.ohm
(Ots) DAC-3.ohm
(Ots) Hercules DJ Console MK1 (Channel 0).ohm
(Ots) Hercules DJ Console MK1 (Channel 1).ohm
(ch 0)

(ch 1)