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Ots Labs OtsAV

Ots Sample Files with Beat Info and Video

To help you experience the magic of the technology quickly, we have released a demonstration Ots file that contains 4 items, each with audio, video & beat info. Simply download the file and play in OtsAV.

If you are short on bandwidth, you may wish to download the audio-only version, although the full wow-factor certainly only comes when you experience all of the technologies simultaneously ;)

Bear in mind that the video files are only VCD-quality, in order to keep the download size to a minimum (it's still pretty big!). OtsAV is capable of full SD-quality video, Enhanced Definition and High Definition 720p in some versions.

Please also note the system requirements that apply to use of the video sub-system. You really want a P4 3Ghz minimum, and preferrably a dual-core system. If you don't have such a system, don't despair, OtsAV when running as audio-only still only requires modest system specifications, especially when considering the power of the new time-scaling algorithm.

One final note on video output. To begin with most will probably just watch the video on the built-in video monitors in the main app's window. These are designed as feedback monitors for the controlling DJ/host/producer. To really experience the true output quality, you want to be watching a proper PAL/NTSC or HD signal on a conventional display. This is where you get to truly experience the joy of 50/60 motion updates per second, no judder, high-quality de-interlacing of source material, seamless standards conversion, always-correct aspect ratios, etc. If you have a video card with a TV-out connector, go to the trouble of setting it up... you won't be disappointed!

As with all features, please consult our comprehensive documentation as it will end up saving you a lot of time.


Full Audio, Video & Beat Mixing (42.3MB)


Audio & Beat Mixing Only (5.65MB)