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Ots Labs OtsAV

Radio Solutions

1. NEW! MIDI Hardware Control

Add more control and power with MIDI Hardware Control (Discover more...)

2. Continuous flow auto-mixing

The world's most accurate auto mix point detection (Discover more...)

3. Smooth audio

Dynamic volume processing with AGC/compressor/limiter (Discover more...)

4. Responsive and predictable

Zero-latency instant response controls (Discover more...)

5. Unprecedented control

Play CDs (and MP3s) backwards, forwards, time-stretched or pitch shifted with CD-DA (Discover more...)

6. Powerful Media Library, Scheduling & Logging

Automatically schedule, query, search and categorize with ease (Discover more...)

7. Automated Beat Mixing

World-first features which allow you to do more than you ever thought possible (Discover more...)

8. Enjoy reliability and efficiency

Lean & mean architecture (Discover more...

"You guys are RIGHT ON THE MONEY!!! ... Thank you thank you thank you! ... I have been in radio for 10 years, and I LOVE this product!!! Keep up the great work!"

-- Thomas W. Moog, President, Thomas Moog Creative Services, Cary, North Carolina, USA

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Another 3 reasons why YOU will love this software...

  • Live Input

  • Mix in live input from a microphone or record player / tape deck.

  • Broadcast to the world

  • Broadcast to the world with the Shoutcast plugin.

  • Record

  • Archive your broadcast with Save as Wave

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