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Ots Labs OtsAV

The OtsAV Suite

OtsAV actually consists of several programs:

  • OtsAV

    This is the flagship application. This is the program you use to Broadcast your audio. With all the power offered, possibilities are virtually endless.

  • Ots Player

    This program is designed as a quick and easy way to "surf" your digital audio assets. It is not designed for general purpose listening and enjoyment of audio, as why would you want to play when you can mix?!!

  • Ots Studio

    Allows you to easily rip direct from CD into an Ots Album file, edit various attributes of your digital audio files and lots more.

OtsAV.com is a bloat-free zone!

One of the great things about the Ots Labs suite of products, is the way in which they have been programmed. You will no doubt be well acquainted with the trend of modern Windows computer software suffering from bloatedness. Huge executable files, dependencies on separate huge DLL files, inefficient programming techniques, large RAM and processor requirements. Many of these things plague much of the software you see.

We believe that with software like that, the user experience is killed. Who wants to wait through 10 seconds of hard disk drive crunching while R*** Player loads up just to hear a song? (Ots Player loads up in a fraction a second.)

You won't find these problems with OtsAV. All of our applications are programmed lean and mean, to load up fast, occupy little of your disk space, and make the most efficient use of whatever speed processor you have.

OtsAV's audio-only system requirements recommend a Pentium III 800Mhz or higher, while achieving incredible time-scaling and beat mixing two songs together! Try running any other playout software on this class of machine and see if it can deliver rock-solid stability while providing a high standard of audio quality. High-quality time-scaling, smooth dynamics processing, and a well-designed internal audio architecture provides you with the absolute best sound.

"Hello, My name is Tom Moog. I am a former radio personality, and I came across your website quite by accident. I am now a consultant for several radio stations, and often times, their people will come to me for my opinion on different products. I have been asked about raduga, and wavestation specifically. So, I downloaded their trial demos, and have been playing with them for weeks. Tonight, I came across your website and downloaded a demo of your product. I was so impressed with it after 5 minutes of use, I ordered it. As a matter of fact, I have already deleted the other automation systems from my drive."

"I have had experience with all the major "pro-grade" systems, and it is my opinion that this will be the best system on the market."

-- Thomas W. Moog, President, Thomas Moog Creative Services, Cary, North Carolina, USA

"I tried your demonstration version of [OtsAV] and I have to say that you have done a really beautiful job."

-- Giorgio Rizzetto, Broadcast supervisor, Radio Sound 103.400 Mhz, San Dona' di Piave, Italy, Venezia

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