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OtsAV Common Usage Scenarios

Who uses OtsAV and what is it great for?

Are you a DJ? Do you provide music and/or music video or TV services, either as a performing DJ or host, or a technology systems-integrator? OtsAV is the premier DJ software solution and playout automation system, and the first choice among industry professionals—used by a diverse array of industries within the audio/video and entertainment sectors. Some of the more common or typical usage scenarios include the following:

» DJs for DJing

OtsAV is used by DJs for DJing, MCing or hosting at parties, weddings, nightclubs, corporate events, karaoke nights, etc.

» Venues for background or in-store music

OtsAV is used by venues for their background or in-store music and/or music video needs including clubs, bars, pubs, restaurants, retail outlets, bowling alleys, skating rinks, gyms, etc.

» AV and music enthusiasts for home entertainment

OtsAV is used by audio, video & music enthusiasts for entertainment and enjoyment within the home environment.

» Radio stations for radio broadcasting

OtsAV is used by radio stations for generating their on-air signal including community stations and commercial stations (the latter particularly for their overnight or mid-to-dawn shift).

» TV, IPTV, video, music video broadcasters & providers for video entertainment systems

OtsAV is used by TV channel, IPTV, internet TV, etc, operators to generate their broadcast or distributed signal for in-house hotel music or movie channels, entertainment systems for clubs, bars, offices, military bases, etc, mobile/cell phone broadcast/streaming applications and more.

» Audio/video solution providers for background or foreground music solutions

OtsAV is used by music or music video solution providers to service their client base consisting of thousands of restaurants, bars, coffee shops, clothing stores and other retail outlets.

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