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Automated Beat Mixing

Beat mixing is rarely performed on TV, as a live DJ is needed to perform the mix. Now OtsAV changes the rules! Imagine being able to setup a playlist of music videos that a DJ would normally beat mix, and let OtsAV do it for you. Using Scheduling you can program your broadcast to play beat mixed programs at any time of the day or week, and you don't even need to be there. Some stations pre-record their mix shows, but what if you are running an interactive show, and someone requests a song? It's easy with OtsAV... Simply add it to the playlist as the next song, and astonish your viewers.

OtsAV uses professional video transitions between clips to give that "MTV" feel. There are in fact 20 different video transitions in OtsAV, with more to come in future.

What is Beat Mixing?

Beat mixing is a skill used by professional DJs to blend two songs together seamlessly. Generally speaking, a DJ would beat mix when transitioning from one song to another, when appropriate. Beat mixing is not a vital skill for all DJs. It is however, a very powerful skill that can enhance your DJ performance, regardless of what type of audience you are playing to. It also allows greater creativity, and can provide a smoother sounding performance if done correctly.

What is Automated Beat Mixing?

OtsAV's Automated Beat Mixing feature allows you to perform perfect mixes every time, without the need to calculate or guess the intro or outro lengths of songs, match BPMs, adjust volume levels, or guess what type of mix to perform during a gig. Our philosophy on automated beat mixing is that every beat mix is clean, accurate, and would emulate (or better) what a professional DJ would perform in real life. Automated Beat Mixing is a very powerful feature, which can give you the edge over your competition!

So why would I want to use Automated Beat Mixing instead of mixing manually?

The choice is ultimately yours! There is nothing stopping you from taking full control, and mixing on-the-fly. Automated Beat Mixing takes the guess work out of matching BPMs, setting appropriate volume levels, and knowing where to start and stop the mix. Imagine setting up a playlist of your most requested songs, pressing play, and walking away. Once your music is setup for ABM (Automated Beat Mixing), you can comfortably leave your panel, knowing that the beat mixing will be professional, and in a lot of cases, better than what you could achieve manually. This leaves you to do other more important things, like mingling with guests, or taking that toilet break!

OtsAV's Automated Beat Mixing benefits include...

  • Automated beat mixing you can rely on and trust with quality, accurate, professional results. (Ots Labs BeatMorph TechnologyTM)
  • Songs can be randomized and still achieve phrase-mixed automated beat mixing at an appropriate mix-length.
  • Slider range options (+/- 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 & 100%). Time-scale right down to stationary and up to double-speed!
  • High-quality Time-scaling produces clean mixes and allows mixes with large differences in BPM. (Ots Labs ClearScale TechnologyTM)
  • BPM stored in Ots file at 4 and a half decimal places for a high level of accuracy (e.g. 130.89209).
  • Intelligent volume management during auto beat mixes.
  • Mix lengths are not simply a fixed, set duration. They are in fact dynamic per song combination.
  • Maintain or restore tempo beat mixing modes.
  • Compatible with OtsAV Video based files.

With the universal BeatMorphTM system, information only has to be set once and it will mix into any other beat-tracked song professionally and smoothly. OtsAV will automatically beat mix the songs over the maximum length possible while maintaining appropriate volume levels throughout the transition, changing the primary focus at the "magical" match-point, and will keep the songs in sync using time-scaling, and change the tempo leading up to the match-point if in "restore mode". Unlike other systems which require manual adjustments for every single song mix combination, and therefore are only good for assisting, the BeatMorphTM system is a set-song-once universal system which when set correctly will work automatically and effectively with virtually unlimited song combinations.

(To learn more about how Automated Beat Mixing works, consult the Automated Beat Mixing Tutorial).

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