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Background Music / Video Solution Providers and Venues / Businesses

OtsAV is the perfect solution for countless businesses worldwide who want to set a mood for their customers, and keep them in their venue longer. It's a fact that when people enjoy their environment, they feel relaxed and comfortable. This results in more sales for the business owner.

Do you currently play music in your establishment? If so, it's probably a CD player, local radio station or a satellite system. CDs get lost, scratched, or your staff play their own music, which is often not suitable for your customers. Using OtsAV, you are in complete control, and can play only the music you want your customers to hear.

If you're listening to a local radio station, do you hear advertisements from competing businesses? This won't help your sales! Create your own "in-house" radio station or TV channel, playing the music you want, and advertising only your products and services.

If you're using a satellite system, you must listen to what they are playing. You don't have a choice! The music offered on satellite systems may not suit your business, and there's nothing you can do about it... until now. OtsAV allows you to play music you want your customers to hear. Play your own advertisements between songs to promote sales.

Store your entire music and video collection on your hard drive for fast access. No longer do you need to search for CDs or DVDs in those boxes under the counter! Convert your CDs and DVDs to Ots files using Ots Studio.

Use the Slideshow feature to display images advertising your business or services. OtsAV is the only software that supports both 4:3 (legacy) and 16:9 (widescreen) TVs natively. Use the scrolling Ticker to display sale items, business hours, upcoming events, and general announcements. The Ticker can be set to display constantly, or from time to time.

OtsAV Scheduling & Logging can keep your broadcast going 24/7 unassisted if desired.

Start using the power of OtsAV. See our buy page and purchase your license now.

"[OtsAV] is the best radio broadcast program I've found. Best features are AGC, Compressor, & Limiter. Other programs either don't work, work poorly, are nearly impossible to use, etc. I really appreciate the automatic cross-fade feature which seems to load the next tune a few secs. before the current tune finishes, allowing a smooth cross-fade in RAM. The Cross-Fade feature also seems to have a good "brain" so it does not fade out a vocal which goes to the end of the current tune. Fantastic!"

-- Imre A. Csaszar, President, Imre Designs Inc., Kamuela, Hawaii, USA

"I am in such shock right now that you have developed such a smooth, well thought out product. I played with it, and played with it, and listened, and listened some more. Smooth sounds are the only two words for it. You should be very proud of such an accomplishment. I really don't mean to inflate your ego......but WOW!"

-- Rick Poole, President, Advanced Venue Resources & Power Station Entertainment, Seattle, Washington, USA

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