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Perfect mixing, everytime!

DJs and Radio Stations already understand the importance of mixing music. Gaps of silence between songs are flow killers!

Until OtsAV, the trouble was that there was no good software available that could automate the task of mixing and produce a professional result. Of course that's all history now...

OtsAV is the only program that will allow you to play your CDs,MP3s, Video and CD+G without gaps between the songs. OtsAV analyzes the way that a song starts and ends and works out an appropriate mix. It does not simply overlap the songs by a set number of seconds like some other programs do as they crudely attempt to mix! With OtsAV, you get perfect mixes, everytime!

Examples of basic mixes. OtsAV's mixing engine actually produces unlimited variations of these, based on the particular tracks being mixed!

If you're AV Enthusiast, imagine being able to have perfect radio mixing in your home or office. Music that flows is music that sooths, calms, energizes, whatever, ... all with no annoying, attention-grabbing silences. And when you throw your next party, you'll have just what you need to sound like a pro!

Create your own "MTV" style music video channel at home, with professional transitions between videos, animated on-screen Titling and a broadcast quality scrolling Ticker. Show photos automatically when no videos are being played, using the Slideshow feature.

"Your DJ software is the best music (MP3) mixing and cuing software I have ever seen...and believe me, I have been looking for a long time! :)"

-- Chris Conway, President, CEC Software, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA

"Thanks for the registered version of [OtsAV]. I LOVE IT, its easy to use, sexy looking and sounds great. Your triggering is so accurate in the DJ mode. Better than Visiosonics."

-- Wayne Arthur Postlewaight, Disc Jockey / Owner, Port Douglas Mobile Disco, Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia

"I've tried out your demo and LOVE it....I mean it sounds like a real person doing the mixing!!"

-- Perth, Western Australia, Australia

"The mixing is smoothest i've seen on any of these. Some of the others such as pcdj have long periods of nothing between songs at times."

-- Australia

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