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Media Power - Query & Search

OtsAV provides a powerful database system which loads in a second, even with databases exceeding 50,000 items.


Search instantly with results narrowing with each character you type. If you want to know all songs/artists which contain the word "love", simply type it in the search box and results will show any songs/artists with this string:

Love Shack - B-52's
Accidently In Love - Counting Crows
I Never Loved You Anyway - Corrs
Love To Be Loved - Peter Gabriel
Hold On To Me - Courtney Love


Query with the powerful OMQL language. Type in a query in the Media Library box and instant results will display.

For example, typing in:

lastplay < 2 hours

Will show all items which played in the last 2 hours.

Or typing in:

bpm > 100 and bpm < 130

Will show all items which have a BPM between 100 and 130.

Or typing in:

Dance and lastplay > 2 hours and bpm > 100 and bpm < 130

Will show all items in the "Dance" category which haven't played in the last 2 hours and have a BPM between 100 and 130.

You can also nest queries with brackets, use "not" and "or", and a lot more. OMQL queries are very powerful and yet lightning fast with displaying results. You can also use OMQL in Ots Templates which when run will generate a playlist according to your requirements and categories.

Browsing your media is easier than ever. If your media collection consists of audio, video and CD+G tracks, how do you know which one to play? Within all playlists areas, and the Search Media Library window, you can easily identify what type of media each track is. Video and CD+G tracks stand out from audio, for easy selection.

All media types can be flagged as Karaoke, to make your karaoke events so much easier. Playing video all night? No problem, simply choose items that are identified as video (V).

Want to do a session of Automated Beat Mixing? Simply select any song that is marked with a B, and you can be confident that OtsAV will perform professional beat mixes automatically between tracks.

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