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Ots Labs OtsAV

OtsAV Radio Comparison Chart

This chart highlights the important differences between the OtsAV Radio versions and key features in common.

Feature / Benefit OtsAV Radio

OtsAV Radio

Integrated Basic Scheduling [YES] [YES]
Integrated Advanced Scheduling with to-the-second daypart target capability, allowing tight control and perfect timing (achieve to-the-second dayparting without premature fades or dead air).   [YES]
Live Audio Input   [YES]
Looping   [YES]
Karaoke Key Control   [YES]
MIDI Hardware Control   [YES]
Automated Beat Mixing*
(Ots Labs BeatMorph™ Technology)
Intelligent Automated Fade-mixing
(Ots Labs IntelliFade™ Technology)
ShoutCast Output and other compatible 3rd party plugin (Webcast) [YES] [YES]
Logging played items and times to text file or CSV file with additional fields for music licensing authorities [YES] [YES]
Export Media Library item information to CSV file with additional fields [YES] [YES]
Deck Tempo / Time-Scale Adjustments
(Ots Labs ClearScale™ Technology)
Time-Scaling Ranges
+/- 4/8/16/32/64/100%
Audio Processing
(Ots Labs PureFloat™ Technology)
Low-Latency Audio Output
(Ots Labs StablePipe™ Technology)
Integrated Dynamics Processor [YES] [YES]
Integrated Graphics EQ [YES] [YES]
Integrated Mixer [YES] [YES]
Cue Channel Output [YES] [YES]
Multi Sound Card Support [YES] [YES]
ASIO driver support [YES] [YES]
Match A-B BPM Control [YES] [YES]
Media Library with OMQL support [YES] [YES]
Powerful Playlist Generator including Station ID support [YES] [YES]
Save As Wave [YES] [YES]
Deck Pitch Adjustments [YES] [YES]
Waveform display [YES] [YES]
Direction Control & Reverse Play [YES] [YES]
Realistic Vinyl Scratching [YES] [YES]
Remote Access Control [YES] [YES]
Ots Media™ Professional File Format support
(Ots Labs Ots Media™ Technology)
MP3/WAV/OTS file direct support [YES] [YES]
MP3 / Opus / Ogg Vorbis / MP2 / PCM WAV support in professional Ots Media™ file format [YES] [YES]
Batch import M4A (iTunes), WMA, and many other media files into included Ots Studio tool and have them encoded to Opus audio in the professional Ots Media™ file format (via FFmpeg plugin being installed on your system) [YES] [YES]
Windows 7 / Windows 8-8.1 / Windows 10 (32 and 64-bit) support [YES] [YES]
Downloadable Installation File [YES] [YES]

In the interests of ongoing product improvement, please note that Ots Labs reserves the right to alter product specifications without prior notice.

*This feature works with media stored in the professional Ots Media™ format (MP3 / MP2 / MPEG1-video / MPEG2-video / unencrypted VOB).

IntelliFade, BeatMorph, ClearScale, TrueSmooth, IntelliARC, Ots Media, PureFloat, StablePipe and others are trademarks of Ots Corporation. ASIO is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.