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Increasing Your Current License Quantity

THE INFORMATION BELOW IS OUT OF DATE. As of September 2010, Ots Labs and the OtsZone online store has moved to a fully token-based system, where each token represents a single license with a quantity of one. This has simplified many situations and helps avoid the common occurrence where OtsZone staff had to manually "break-up" multi-quantity licenses where a customer wished to upgrade only a portion of the license. To "increase your license quantity", you now simply purchase further licenses/tokens using the primary "Add to Cart" link on the product buy page. Discounts are available for existing customers and/or for volume purchases. Note: Existing licenses you have purchased, including multi-quantity licenses, will still behave as they have in the past—however you won't be able to increase the quantity of them any further.

This information is for people who have already purchased a particular product, and would like to increase the quantity of their license for that product. The quantity of a given license determines the maximum number of separate workstations (computers) that you are able to simultaneously have that product installed on (or simultaneous instances).

To purchase a license quantity increase for one of your existing product licenses, go to the OtsZone licenses page, log in with your OtsZone profile password, then click on the "Increase Quantity" link of the product license you wish to expand. Your shopping basket will show the license increase, with a default increase of one (1). Adjust this number to a higher value if you would like to increase by more than one, then proceed with the order. You must have a license quantity at least high enough to cover each separate computer you wish to have the product simultaneously installed on.

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Discounts: Some OtsZone.com products carry discounts for purchases of quantities greater than one. When you increase the quantity of your license, OtsZone.com will automatically factor in any discounts eligible to you for that product, based on the current quantity and the quantity amount you are increasing the license by. For example, if you already have a license for a particular product for a quantity of one, and you increase this license by two (so that you end up with a license quantity of three in total) then the additional licenses will automatically have the appropriate discount applied.