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Ots Labs OtsAV

OtsAV DJ Pro 1.94

Used by thousands of people around the world, OtsAV DJ Pro has numerous powerful features at a quality professional-grade level you simply won't find in other software:

Main Interface

Video Output

Karaoke CD+G Output

Compatible with MIDI Hardware
  • Intelligent Automated Fade Mixing
    (Ots Labs IntelliFade TechnologyTM)
  • Intelligent Automated Beat Mixing*
    (Ots Labs BeatMorph TechnologyTM)
  • Looping 
  • Karaoke Key Control
  • MIDI Hardware Control - Compatible with all MIDI controllers providing hands-on tactile control.
  • High quality time-scaling / tempo deck sliders (up to +/-100%)(Ots Labs ClearScale TechnologyTM)
  • Professional broadcast dynamics processor 
  • Video and Karaoke CD+G super-smooth mixing playback (Ots Labs TrueSmooth TechnologyTM). Incorporates Enhanced Definition, Standard Definition and Optimized Definition output modes, silky-smooth transitions, always-correct aspect ratio (size), widescreen 16:9 and 4:3 output modes, slideshow JPEG mode, truly-smooth scrolling ticker with icons, low-latency control (play backwards, change tempo, change pitch, scratch), and many more features. Ots Album file concept and album cover graphics handling.
  • Powerful and fast search facility 
  • Easy to use list management and layout 
  • Instant reponse on all controls - no annoying latency 
  • SHOUTcast Integration. Upload the OtsAV DJ output signal directly to a SHOUTcast server. 
  • Save as Wave functionality. Record your mix. 
  • Live Scratching. Manipulate OtsAV DJ's virtual turntable any way you like and hear the exact same sound you would hear with real vinyl!
  • ASIO driver support. Ultra low-latency support.
  • Output Channel Flexibility. Use Old School Mode with an external mixer, or standard mode with software integrated mixer. 
  • Live input from sound card, allowing external audio sources to be routed via OtsAV DJ's audio pipeline, including the dynamic processor! 
  • Media Library with OMQL support. Organise your media and powerfully query the Media Library with the Ots Media Query Language to aid with finding suitable items and creating incredibly intelligent playlists. 
  • Remote Access Control, enabling control via network or internet. 
  • Winamp Visualisation Plugin Support - use many of the established Winamp visualisation plugins.

In addition, this package includes Ots Studio. Ots Studio gives you full control of your Ots files in an easy to use, friendly GUI environment. You can manipulate title and artist information, genre and release info, mixing points, album cover graphics, beat information, video settings, CD+G settings, and much more. Rip CDs and encode with downloadable external encoder or batch convert existing file formats.

When you purchase today for just US$379.95 you will receive:

  • OtsAV DJ Pro 1.94 (Digital Download)**
  • Free upgrades to any further releases made under version 1.94.x
  • Ots Studio and Ots Player companion applications

[Buy Now] Buy OtsAV DJ Pro now at our secure online shop OtsZone.com.

To buy an upgrade from another version of Ots Labs software, see upgrade from options on main OtsAV DJ overview page here.

To view system requirements for OtsAV DJ, click here.

*This feature works with media stored in the professional Ots file format (MP3 / MP2 / MPEG1-video / MPEG2-video / unencrypted VOB). IntelliFade, BeatMorph, ClearScale, and TrueSmooth are trademarks of Ots Labs Pty Ltd. ASIO is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

**Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Product is delivered digitally via download upon approved order. Setup installation file may be backed up to CD for archival purposes.